The Dubai You Don’t Read About


Or at least I hadn’t.

On our final morning, we had a few hours to kill before our meeting, so we headed to Old Dubai. If you visit, don’t skip this part. It was my favorite part of the trip.


There are two sections: the old city near the port, and the Gold Souk and spice market across the waterway.



We stopped for lunch before we headed across. The food was not great, but the view was.


For one dinar, which is almost nothing, it’s something like 25 cents, you can get a guy in one of these to ferry you across.


There are beautiful domed mosques along the way.



And you might make a friend or two.


These ships were being loaded with good for Iran, which is right across the gulf.


Having lived on a ship for two years, I was fascinated by the worn wooden vessels.



I’m not too sure I’d want to head out into open water in one of those, but I bet they’ve been crossing the water for decades.

See that balcony hanging out over the water?


That’s the potty. There are seats with holes strategically placed at the back of the ship. Thankfully our ship didn’t have those kind of potties.


Along with gold and souvenirs (including some from shady guys who approach in every souk saying: “Do you want to buy designer bags, designer watches? Come with me.”) there are all kinds of spices.



And then there was life: guys sitting around the table drinking tea and talking.


Then we conceded to the heat and gave in to the blessedness of the air-conditioned train back to our hotel.


One thought on “The Dubai You Don’t Read About

  1. I bought spices in Morocco from the souk, but they seemed rather tasteless. I think it was a ripoff. Right out of the bag would be better, I think.

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