The List

On the plane between Dubai and Amsterdam, childless and carefree, I watched a movie, an activity that is becoming more and more rare. I saw “I Don’t Know How She Does It.”

This isn’t an endorsement of the film, but it really hit home with where I am at the moment. I constantly feel as though I have all my plates in the air, and I’m watching for one to drop. I’m always feeling like I could be a better friend, work harder at work, be a better mom, have a cleaner house and be a better wife, among many other things.

The main character talks about how women have a list that’s constantly going on in their minds. I chuckled, because I usually have several lists going on at once. The one in my Outlook tasks, the one on a Post-it note on my desk, the one on my phone reminders, the one on the chalk board in my kitchen. And the three in the back of my mind. And as soon as a few things get accomplished, there are usually 10 more to take their place. And then there are the long-term, life goals list that I want to accomplish, but never seem able to even start.

The moral of the movie is that you can’t do everything and that sometimes you have to say no. I could probably say no to a lot of things, and still never feel like I’m accomplishing things to the level of perfection and attention that they deserve.

Now to quit blogging and back to my list.


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