Where do you go for a weekend getaway with six friends and two toddlers who still nap? That answer, my friends, is Branson.

Don’t take away my hipster card yet. I attended nary a show or Branson attraction. Branson turned out to be the ideal spot where we could rent a condo that was not too long of a drive and where we had access to places to eat and shop. I was forced to shop at Wal-mart, though. The tornado they had several weeks ago ripped the roof off the grocery store we wanted to visit. I was surprised at the tornado damage, actually. But our spot was really beautiful. The condo backed up to a fast running creek and a tree covered hill. In the mornings we watched fishermen whiz by in their boats.

We started out the weekend with a full-on bang: a collision as the two little guys tried to hug each other while giggling and running because they were so excited.


There was laughter, naps on the road, and a few tears.



There was also greasy redneck food and iPhones on the couch.



Two buddies raced a car together and learned to share toys (kind of).


Above all, we had a great time just being together and laughing.


And then it was time to head home.


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