Egg Hunt


Our Easter was pretty low-key. Well, except for the fact that we ran to the store on Saturday afternoon to buy a table after realizing our little Ikea four-seater table wasn’t going to be able to handle the 13 people we were having for dinner. Yes, we were those people.


We had Friday off, which we spent working on the house and cleaning, like we do most Saturdays. We began the day with Baked Oatmeal, which is an old-school recipe from my mom that I still love. It takes something healthy and makes it delicious (and a whole lot less healthy.) But hey! You’re eating oatmeal!


We also headed to Lowe’s to price a big piece of plywood with which to extend our table. We realized we’d be spending close to $50 to get a piece that wouldn’t sag too much, so it seemed like too much of an investment for something that wouldn’t last long.

We give hugs to our friends at this house.

Saturday the little kid let us sleep in all the way until 7:15. Then we bummed around the house and I perfected my omelet technique using Alton Brown’s instructions in the March Food Network magazine.


Then, after the little guy woke up around one, we ate lunch and move the car seat into our friend’s truck for the hour-long drive south. We did some shopping and price comparisons before stopping for dinner (thanks for the gift card, mom!) and finally purchasing a table at about 6:30 Saturday night. After putting the small person to bed, we assembled the table and grinned at each other with glee thinking of the 12 diners we’d be able to hustle around our table.


My brilliant friend Emily had thought ahead to do a little egg hunt with our boys. She also thoughtfully brought J a little basket that matched G’s. The two bigger kids who came for dinner “hid” the eggs in the front yard, and the little guys picked them up and put them in their baskets. Emily stuffed them with teddy grahams for fun, but the part I think they really liked was picking them up (and possibly throwing them at each other.)


We enjoyed a huge meal with everyone, and the kids ran around and played with each other. I don’t think any of the parents had to intervene or help anyone or arbitrate for almost an hour. It was great, sitting around the table and chatting.

Here, have a bite of my teddy graham!

Two of the girls hung out with the kids to distract them while we all cleaned up the dishes, so that was a big help, too.


It was a good time to enjoy old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy a good meal together.

Daddies and sons.

Those memories will last for a lifetime. At least, as long as we keep finding plastic eggs in the yard.

***UPDATED with a requested photo of the table, which you can’t really see because of the tablecloth.



2 thoughts on “Egg Hunt

  1. You know what’s annoying? When you talk repeatedly about the new table purchase and then don’t show us a pic of the new table 🙂 Where’s the old one going?

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