How to Make a Raised Bed Out of Pallets

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at gardening via raised beds for a few years, but never wanted to put in the effort at our rental. So this was the year I had my own house to do with as I pleased. I decided to make my planter with wooden shipping pallets because FREE.

1. First step: Well, for us it was borrowing a truck, then heading to the warehouse at work and picking out about 15 pallets. (Cute assistant not included.)


2. Break down your pallets to create a box with sides. Use boards from other pallets to create the ends. Then we added more boards to the sides to raise the height to about 6 inches. Tutorials I read said the higher the sides are, the more room your plant roots have to grow.


This was super labor intensive and took hammers, chisels and a power saw.


There was some board trimming. This picture may make you think I did all the hard work, but mainly it was my handy husband.


3. Third, we cut and stapled landscaping fabric in the bottom to keep out weeds.


4. Then, dirt. I used a mix of top soil, compost, potting soil and all-purpose soil. Dirt was the biggest expense in this project, for sure.


5. Then, one person distracts the tired, hungry one-year-old from ripping out the plants while the other person digs holes and plants the herbs as quickly as possible.


And, finish. I have a sinking feeling I should have left more space for each plant, but we’ll see how they do. I later added mulch on top along with a soaker hose and a timer so I can flip the water on each morning and have it turn automatically off.


I can’t wait to start cooking with them!


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