Remember those dolls that were called “My Buddy”? Maybe they still exist, who knows. Now I have that stupid song in my head.

Our little guy has a real life buddy. They’re three months apart, and for ages it seemed like that gap was huge. But just recently they’ve started to really interact and enjoy each other.


Lately when they see each other, they squeal and run towards each other. Sometimes they hug, but mostly it’s a quick poke in the eye before running off to chase each other or find some mischief.


Thankfully, we quite enjoy G’s parents, too, so it’s no chore to spend time with them.

The two boys are pretty different in personality, so it will be interesting to see their friendship grow and change in the coming years.


But for now, I love hearing them giggle together.


Nothing says friendship like a poke in the eye.

[Updated: Check out a short (obviously) history of these two guys, along with three videos on G’s mom’s site.]


One thought on “Buddies

  1. so…i sat down to finish the blog post i started last week and guess what it’s about. yep, our boys. what are the odds you would post the same thing on the same day? ha ha ha!

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