Making Modern Art


You know how people look at modern art and say, “My five year old could have done that?”


Well, my one year old did.


I needed some art for the living room. I bought a canvas, intending to paint it myself with my friend, Elisabeth. But then I got impatient, and a friend came up with the idea of letting the kid paint it. And I liked that idea; I liked it a lot.


So we spread out a drop cloth, poured the paint, stripped the kid down to his skivvies diapers, and let him have at it.


And what we had was a fun, creative idea that was a new experience for the little one.


I wasn’t sure how he’d react to it, but once he saw the effect his paint-dipped finger had on the white canvas, he really got in to it.


Here’s a short clip of him getting started:

I purchased a clearance frame at Hobby Lobby with several chips, gave it a coat of spray paint, and I had myself a piece of art for less than $10.



And here’s the finished project:


I like the fact that most people won’t know my kid did it, and if they do, they’ll think I really think it’s an amazing piece of art, because I’ve framed it.


But really I find it ironic that it’s on the wall like some expensive piece of art.


And it provides the perfect pop of color on my pale celery walls.



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