Thirty-one and a Half


“I’m SO big!”

This fun idea caught my eye on pinterest the other day. When we were young, I think we had one of those giraffe hanging charts where my mom dutifully noted our heights on his neck… at least until we lost the chart. There may have been a doorpost at one time, but then, the inevitable happened – we moved.


So the idea of an enlarged ruler seemed not only to make sense, but to fit my aesthetic much better than ye old giraffe chart. And I knew I could complete this project for free, or nearly so.

One of the former owners of our house had left two six foot boards near the back fence, and they were perfectly weathered and gray. So I snagged one of those guys, painted (Sharpied, actually, for a stick straight line) on the ruler marks and stenciled on the numbers. I had to spring $2.49 for the stencils.


After I painted, I simply varnished. And here’s where my perfect plan fell apart – take note. Weathered wood actually sucks in polyurethane like a sponge. It took four coats before this guy even looked lacquered, and the absorbed coats of poly darkened the wood. So my idea of a light grayish brown background with sharp black letters didn’t quite pan out. But though the numbers are somewhat difficult to distinguish, I like it.


And note, since my child is bi-cultural, he’s got the metric system on the right-hand side, so he knows how tall he is in centimeters.

If we ever move, we’ll just pull out the screws and take this baby along for the ride.


One thought on “Thirty-one and a Half

  1. Just got Canaan measured when we went to the hospital for his fall – 34″. And I was just thinking, we never did one of those measuring posts with him. Should we have? Well, now maybe we should have!

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