My Husband is a Genius

[Brag post alert.]

In September, I came home from a trip, and my husband told me, “I’m building a crib for your sister for Christmas.” I thought it was a crazy idea, mostly because they live in Ecuador and I would have to haul it down there.

But the dude convinced me through detailed drawings and pieces of wood. He not only designed a crib that will work as an infant crib (with two levels for higher or lower), a toddler bed, and eventually it will become the headboard for a twin bed. Take that, Ikea. He used red oak, and I think we went to Lowe’s about four times to purchase dowels for the rails. I counted, and there are 58. That’s at least 116 holes drilled, not counting practice holes or mistakes.

After building it, putting it all together and frantically staining and sealing it the weekend before we left (to give it time to dry), he got a carpet store in town to give him the cardboard tubes the carpet comes on and he packed the frame in three cardboard tubes. Taped together, those became our fourth piece of luggage, and the dowels went in a suitcase, along with some wood filler for finishing.

The day we arrived, he went straight to work.

{These photos courtesy of my dad.}

Two cute assistants kept careful watch, and Nate helped.

One dowel at a time.

Three sides up, and one left to go. This will be the eventual headboard.

Fitting in the final dowels…

And done! Now all they needed was a mattress, sheets and… a baby. Nate went to the mattress store, and within 48 hours they custom cut and bound a mattress for them. And the price? $30. You can’t beat that.

Here’s the final, all set up in Canaan’s room.


{final photos courtesy of Kelley; I never did get a chance to take one while it was light and Canaan wasn’t napping and I wasn’t busy.}

I’m really glad we could make a crib for them. (I’m saying “we,” because I stained the dowels. That was my contribution to the genius.) But I don’t think this will ever become a side business. There were too many cold weekends in the garage.


2 thoughts on “My Husband is a Genius

  1. Jordan looks so intent on helping with the mechanics of the crib. He’s going to be like his dad. Is it nature or nurture? Or a little of both?

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