Boating and Gloating

If you thought that just because it’s Dec. 15 I’d be done posting about our trip to Florida, you’d be sadly mistaken. I shall force you to look at the pictures I just noticed on my phone until I ply you with thoughts of our Christmas trip to Ecuador. Which begins… NEXT WEEK!

But back to Florida. First of all, check out my 86-year-old grandfather:

He takes this rig out all the time, to fish. (See yesterday’s post on how I benefited from his hobby.) The dude does all the heavy work by himself, all the time. He’s amazing. I could hope to be in as good health as he is in 50 years, but I don’t think there’s much hope. I like chocolate peanut butter balls too much.

Do you see him gripping the boat with his toes, head-first while he unhooks the boat?

This man is amazing. And as far as I know, we don’t have any Native American or other blood in us. He’s just that tan, from a lifetime in the Florida sun. The highlight of our trip was hearing his stories of his time in the Foreign Service in the 40s. He was stationed in Israel when it became a new nation, and later in Jordan. Then he went on to Greece, where he met my grandmother. She was the U.S. ambassador’s secretary. My grandpa said, “She was a fine-looking woman.” But you have to hear that in a gruff, grandpa voice. I came home with a treasure trove of old photos of their exotic, young lives.

We spent a glorious morning out on the intercostal waterway in Grandpa’s boat. After a quick jaunt into the ocean, of course. I don’t have photos of that, because I didn’t want to drop my phone, and I was holding on for dear life. The waves in the channel were pretty intense.

This little dude was pretty thrilled, though he didn’t understand why we wouldn’t let him roam freely in the boat. Though I’m an official “seaman” with a safety certificate and everything, I really didn’t want to have to practice my Man Overboard skills for real.

We stopped off on a sweet little island for a wiggle break.

After wiggles were had, we cruised by the old fort, the casino boat and under the bridge. Then we headed for one of grandpa’s favorite fishing spots, a sandbar near one of the small channels. (Look at me, pretending I know water terms.)

Before we knew it, it was time to head home for nap time.


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