More Evidence I’m Just as Wanna-Be Hipster as Everyone Else

For some reason, I wrote this and never published it. Oops. At least you get to see the pumpkins before November was finished.

Since I’m on a fall theme, let me show you the pictures we took a the pumpkin patch recently. And let me just say, this is a weird cultural tradition. The pumpkins are not actually gown there; the farmer tosses them out in some dirt field so you can feel like you picked one. And isn’t it all about the pictures, anyway? Those orange globes do make for some colorful images.


The little guy wasn’t all that cheerful for this outing.


I’m thankful he’s got a crew of little baby friends to pal around with.


I like their moms, too. Too much dust in the air made for bad group shots, however.


At least we had the babies to keep things interesting.


I do love this little guy.


This was J’s favorite thing at the pumpkin patch!


He’s a boy, through and through.


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