A Boy and His Leaves


In two blinks of an eye, it’s become fall.


I remember walking beside a friend in college who exclaimed, “I love fall!” I remember thinking he was crazy, because all I thought of when I though of fall was the fact that winter was not far behind. Those winters in the Chicago area were SO long.


But after more than four years in Oklahoma, I can agree with him. I have come to love fall, too. Not because I know winter is on its heels, but because of the break in the sticky, high Oklahoma temps. Because the trees put all their effort into their attire, then shed their leaves gradually. Because each Indian summer day is like a promise that winter won’t last forever, like a reprieve from a prison sentence soon to come. And I like the way it feels to snuggle under a pile of blankets in a freshly made bed.








One thought on “A Boy and His Leaves

  1. Love his fierce look in the one picture. Can’t wait to see him and his personality as a toddler and see how the boys play together now that JoJo can walk. Did you cut his hair again? It looks trimmed, making him look more like a little boy than a baby.

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