I’ve wanted to visit Indonesia for a long time. I grew up on stories from there, and even though some might call my upbringing in the Amazon jungle remote, as a child Indonesia seemed like the absolute end of the world.


Once I got older and learned a little more about the culture and dynamics, Indonesia was even more appealing. And my friend Sarah lives there and blogs bits of their daily life.


I’ve always heard how the country is spread across hundreds of islands, but I couldn’t quite grasp the distance until it took me three days to get to the Moluccu islands.


When I was planning my trip, I really wanted to squeeze in a quick visit Sarah, but the amount of time I had and the flight schedules made it impossible. I was bummed, because Papua is so different from the rest of the country: culturally and ethnically. But I guess I’ll have to save that for another time – a time when I’m not longing to get home to my sweet baby boy!


I traveled with a good friend who is a professional photographer. There’s nothing in the world that will make you feel worse about your picture-taking ability than that.


Like that shot above? I like it, but you should see Elisabeth‘s version.


She did give me some good pointers, though. The most important thing I learned from her was that you have to be aggressive and brave to get the shot. She waded into thigh-deep water in her pants to get the shot of the kid in the inner tube.


The trip was not long enough, that’s for sure. All it did was whet my appetite for more.

We didn’t spend any time in Jakarta. Instead we spend time in several of the smaller islands.


Fresh fish smoked over coconut wood, anyone?


The Moluccus are known for their seafood. Apparently they export it worldwide. We had fish for every meal, plucked from the ocean daily and broiled, skin on.


My favorite moments were the times we were free to wander and explore, capturing the daily life of residents.


I don’t know when or if I’ll get back to this beautiful country, but until then, I’ll keep pursuing the path in front of me, wherever it leads.



2 thoughts on “Indonesia

  1. Yay for a post about Indonesia! I think your pictures are great! We don’t need to compare ourselves to the professional photographers of the world (of whom my brother is one…sure is nice when he takes pictures of the kids!)

    You are right – Indonesia is VERY big and diverse. I love that you got to see even a little bit of it!

    You should come back and visit Papua sometime when you can bring the hubby and kiddo along (although… you might think twice about it now that you know how hellacious that journey is… and then add another 6 or 7-hour flight to Papua on top of that… and it’s generally an overnight flight, too!) Papua is VERY different from the rest of Indonesia!

    Yummm sounds like you had a lot of tasty ikan bakar (not something we get too often up here in the mountains but we enjoy it whenever we go to the coast!)

    Thanks again for posting and sharing your beautiful pictures!!!

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