Birf-day II


You can’t tell from this photo, but I think he enjoyed it. There was frosting all over his chair and cake crumbles from table to floor. A couple of my sweet friends even cleaned it up while I scrubbed the crumbs out of the little guy’s crevices up in the bath.


In true American style, we opened gifts, with Chloe acting as official gift assistant.


(In Ecuador, you never open gifts at the party. At our baby shower in Holland, we didn’t open gifts either. We opened them later, at home. My husband’s dad did the same thing for his wedding five years ago. It killed me as a kid in Ecuador not being open the presents until the last guest had left!)

You never want your kid to pick favorites, but he zeroed in on this yellow school bus right away. Sweet Emma was on hand to help.


And he’s pretty much been playing with it ever since.


3 thoughts on “Birf-day II

  1. We weren’t sure what to do at Canaan’s bday b/c it was mostly Americans but a few Ecuadorians and in Ecuador. In the end it was so busy that we just didn’t get around to it. But I felt weird opening them with no one around. Canaan was oblivious either way 🙂

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