At the Market

This summer we’ve been spending Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market.


We’re up anyway, and it’s usually cooler in the early morning. And it gives us a fun outing for the morning before nap time.

One of the restaurants in town is always there selling pastries and coffee, so the baby and I usually get a whole wheat cinnamon roll and a coffee. But only one of us drinks the coffee.


This is not a big fancy farmer’s market. It’s a tiny town park with a few vendors set up on plastic tables. There are about four people selling fruits and vegetables, one meat table, a family selling eggs, the guy who sells honey, two vendors with bread and other baked goods, the women’s group selling aprons and pot holders, and last week there was a couple selling bird houses. It’s not fancy, but it’s a good place to people watch and maybe hear some good music. Sometimes it’s live, and sometimes it’s the bread guys’ iPod.

We’ve been meeting my friend, Ellie, there the last few weeks. Not only is she lots of fun, she’s a photographer.


If we stay long enough, we’re pretty sure to see a good portion of our little town. And there’s always Bingo at 10!



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