Sweet Friendship


I’ve known my sweet friend Katrina since 2001. We met when I moved to California after college. I’ve been overusing “sweet” as an adjective these days, but there’s really no other way to describe her.

One thing I treasure about our friendship is its longevity. We’ve walked through hard times, silly times and fun times. She was always up for an adventure including late-night runs to In-n-Out, a fun day at the beach, coffee at Jazz and Java or dressing up to go dance at the country bar. We worked together at The Sun for a while, before she went on to work at the same place her husband and my dad work.

I watched her get married, go through a rough time and fight for her marriage, struggle with her relationship with her family, have her first daughter and lose her dad. I’m so thankful that she and her husband moved with the company when it left Idaho, because that meant she was close to my parents! I get to see her every time I visit them. We don’t spend hours on the phone together, but when we get together, it’s like our hearts have a data cable between them and we download experiences.

Her oldest was the star of the show at my wedding.



And now I have a blue-eyed baldy of my own. Last month was the first time she got to meet the little guy.


Her girls were pretty enamored.


They gave him a cute sparkly ball and he pinched their cheeks. They didn’t seem to mind.


It was so good to see all three together. And the girls are so big! They are sweet kids, just like my sweet friend, Katrina.


One thought on “Sweet Friendship

  1. Cute pics of the girls with him!

    BUT this was not Katrina’s first meet with JoJo. She and the girls came over when you and I sans husbands were with mom and dad. JoJo was maybe 2 months and I remember her being very good and soothing and rocking him!

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