Accomplishing 32

I turned 32 this year. Thirty-one was a big year for me — I had my sweet son and we bought a house. Our lives are a lot different from they were 12 months ago!

Since I have a summer birthday, I’ve almost always missed spending the day with my family. But since we were actually with my parents on the day, I had the opportunity for my mom to bake me a cake. I’m pretty … picky? selective? when it comes to desserts. My mom and sister have totally spoiled me and we are serious about our desserts. When I eat dessert, especially something store-bought, I usually think I could probably make something better. So when it comes to a confection in honor of my birthday, I’d almost rather make it myself, than be disappointed by some grocery store cake wreck.

But this year, I had my mama. And she made me a cake. Oh, did she make me a cake.

Here she is:


Need a closer look? No problem, I’ll indulge you. Mostly because I couldn’t choose the photo that best illustrated its deliciousness.


Presentation is important, but taste is everything. See the softly glistening frosting? That, my friends, is Swiss Buttercream. Haven’t had it? You should. Check out this recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers if you are curious. I’m not sure which recipe my mom used, but it was SO worth it.


In fact, the frosting has completely wiped my mind of what the cake was. It might have been mocha. What I do remember is that my sweet mom wrapped up a fat slice of that cake to send home with us on the plane when we left the next day. Yes, yes and yes.

And that is what you get when you hit 32 in this house.

Well, that and towels. Because you are old and boring like that, and you think new towels are cool.



2 thoughts on “Accomplishing 32

  1. STILL awaiting my first taste of Swiss Meringue buttercream. Don’t know why I don’t bite the bullet and do it myself except that I remember all of smitten’s frustrations and curdled descriptions before she mastered it. Sometimes I wonder if the tiramisu cupcake from Molly’s was SMB because I LURVED the texture.

    And our mom is awesome about cake slices to go. I still remember how giddy I was that she gave me a HUGE chunk of your delicious wedding cake to take on the plan. Especially giddy because Nate didn’t want even one bite and I ate the whole thing myself (back when I could eat a piece of cake in peace on a plane with no squirming toddler on my lap) and because I was eating YOUR wedding cake while you missed out. Mmmmh.

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