Getting in Hot Water

We took a jaunt over to McCall, ID, where we perused the thrift shops and sashayed along the lakefront, pausing for photo-ops, of course.


We thought this little guy looked pretty good with this piece of art along the lakefront.


(No more pictures, please!)


And then we headed for the crowning jewel: Gold Fork Hot Springs.

(FYI, that guy below DID have a suit on, I promise. Because, ew!)


Step one: enter the yurt, pay your admission and swap your jeans for a suit. Plastic bins provided.

And what is a yurt? you might ask, as I did to myself whenever my parents talked about the yurt. Isn’t that what hippies and Mongolians live in?

This, my friends, is a hot springs yurt.


Some of us look cuter in our suits than others.


We didn’t know how the little porcupine would react, but he loved it.


It’s pretty much like a big bathtub, I guess, right?

The well-prepared and utterly-smitten grandparents had seen this on a commercial and purchased it tout suite.



He loved it, and loved kicking his little toes and splashing his chubby fingers in the water.


There were five pools in total. There were these three, which are laid out in sequence of temperature. The one to your left, at the bottom of the terrace, is the coolest. The bottom right pool in this photo has sand on the bottom. The top pool (seen above) is the largest and the second warmest, and it adjoins the hottest pool, which is a few degrees under boiling.


We ate our packed lunch under one of the patio umbrellas.

Even with a small passing through thunderstorm, a good time was had by all.



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