A Flooring Fairytale

Once upon a time, a family wanted to move into a little stone house. Inside the house, the floors were hardwood, and looked like this:


They had some rough spots and scuffs, and the lady dreamed of smooth, brown floors like she had seen in another house she had once wanted to buy. These floors also had a big ugly patch made of plywood.

Their friend had the very brilliant idea to remove some of the floor from one of the closets and replace the plywood with that wood. So the man of the house carefully measured and cut and fitted and made the floor almost brand new!


Then the man and the lady debated whether they should refinish the floors themselves. They checked out the floor sander at Lowe’s and calculated how much stain and polyurethane would cost. They added it up, and rolled their eyes as they thought about the dust, and the waiting and the drying.

Then they got an estimate from the only floor guy in town, and he said he would do it for $2.80 per square foot. Which was a pretty good deal. Plus Red D (as the floor guy was called) had a very big sander that would suck up all the evil dust. So they sighed and shook hands and decided to do the floors on the main floor only, and save the upstairs for another day.

Red D came, and he unloaded his sander, and he sanded and sanded and sanded until the floors were as bare as the day they were born. Then he stained the old floor a lovely new walnut color, a lot like what the lady had in mind. He told her a darker color would show more dings and scratches, so she was satisfied.

After three coats of finish and lots of days of drying, finally they were done. The floors had a new life and a new color, and they looked like this:



They were warm and smooth and showed off the wood grain ever so nicely.

And they lived happily ever after.

The end.


2 thoughts on “A Flooring Fairytale

  1. Gorgeous floors! I think it was very smart to hire the professional to do it for you. While we were on furlough, Dan’s dad refinished the floors in his kitchen/dining room, and Dan helped out. It was SO much work. And they had a really hard time keeping the sander flat, so even after many many rounds with the sander, the floor still was not perfectly flat. It looks okay now that it’s done, but not gorgeous like yours!

    (PS I hope this comment works – I have found that I am not able to comment on blogs that have the comment section set up like yours with WordPress… So I logged out and am commenting as a “guest” rather than logging into wordpress. Weird, I know.)

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