House Progress

If you are in the home insurance business, be prepared to freak out:


That’s some knob and tube wiring, and it came with our 1939 house. But my husband being the awesome electrician that he is, spent last week doing this:


That would be ripping out the old panel and installing a new one.

When we bought the house, our kitchen looked like this:


And also like this:


We had one of the coldest days ever in Oklahoma in February (something like -30), and the pipes on our future-but-then-unoccupied casita burst a pipe, and no one noticed for a while.


So this week, my super husband and some super friends ripped out that ceiling and put in a new one.


After we fixed the pipes, of course.



They are sanding the final mudding as I’m writing.

Also this week, we had a new furnace installed, and my super husband also installed a new tankless water heater (a novelty in Oklahoma, and possibly the U.S. Other countries have them, and I think they are fantastic. They just make sense. Heat water when you need it, don’t leave it sitting there heating and heating.)


Super hubby also patch a hole in the hardwood floor, getting ready for the floors to be refinished, which started Monday.


I’ve mainly been cleaning, project managing and cooking for the workers. The hubs said I’m on call when it’s painting time!

There is still lots to be done, but it sure feels good to check off some big ones!

And we had one small helper through it all:


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