Modern Nomads Don’t Live in Tents

Four years and two weeks after we packed up our moving van and left California for Oklahoma, we decided we’d stay. It only took us four years to decide.

Meet our new house:

And begin project spend all our money and take all our time. I’ll be hitting up younghouselove for tutorials, loitering in the aisles of Lowe’s and putting in a lot of elbow grease.

On the immediate to-do list:

  • Replace water heater, furnace and oven.
  • Buy fridge.
  • Refinish wood floors.
  • Clean up and throw away all the junk and trash the previous owners left behind.
  • Dry-wall the ceiling in the kitchen.
  • Put above-ground pool on craigslist.
  • Paint: inside, doors and shutters.

Ok, now I’m tired.

There is plenty more on the list, but those are the immediate. We kicked off closing day by installing a garage door opener. (When I say we, I mean I stopped by to say hi with this little guy.)

Tent or no tent, they’ll never take away my nomad heart.


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