What’s Cooking in My Kitchen: Almond Yogurt Cake


When I spied this recipe via Design*Sponge, it looked like a match made in heaven for my Dutch husband. Yogurt plus almonds, two of his great loves (besides me and the baby, of course).

Side story about yogurt: That’s a typical dessert in Holland. I joke all the time about how they bring out the carton of yogurt after dinner and the Dutchies always say, “Oh, lekker!” even though they eat it almost every night and it’s… YOGURT. That thing your mom makes you eat for breakfast or lunch because it’s healthy. But I actually like yogurt, so I’m ok with it.

The other thing you often get for dessert and that also comes in a carton is vla. Vla is similar to our pudding, but a little more fluid. If I get a choice between vla and yogurt for dessert, I’m definitely going with the vla. You can go with the plan vanilla or one of the swirl flavors. Two flavors in one! That’s excitement on a cold winter’s night in The Netherlands.

And a word about the word lekker: it’s the one Dutch word you need to know. It has a lot of meanings: tasty, good, nice etc. You can say food is lekker, you can say “sleep lekker” and in response to some idea, you can say, “Yah, lekker.”


I made this for some company; I can’t remember who it was now, but the cake was memorable. It was lightly sweet and not heavy. The blood orange curd was just the thing to make it stand out.


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