Do the Peanut Butter and Jelly

Last week I made some bars out of Bon Appetit called “Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars.” They tasted just like a PBJ sandwich. And everybody likes those, right?

Well, not my Dutch husband. He thinks they’re weird. And that’s because Dutch kids don’t eat that classic combination. What do Dutch kids eat, then? What do they turn to for a quick belly fill after playing hard? And what do Dutch 30-somethings turn to for a nostalgic taste from childhood?


Yep. The very same ones we are accustomed to seeing topping our cakes and cookies. The first time I saw someone do it, I thought my mom would be appalled at the rampant unhealthiness of it. But then I saw it again. Then, I tried it. And I started to think, “These people are on to something.”

To make this perfectly-acceptable-if-you-are-Dutch-snack, spread a slice of bread with butter, and top with sprinkles. It’s like cake! But on a sandwich!

Sprinkles are not only a staple of the Dutch pantry, but they come in pink, and blue, and special shapes for special days. The pink/blue ones are especially for celebrating the birth of a baby. I had pink ones at someone’s house when royal daughter Princess Alexia was born in 2005. Not only do they love their sprinkles, they also love their royal family.

Sprinkles have an entire section of the grocery shelf dedicated to them.

Quite possibly more choices than Americans have for peanut butter.

Look, I’m never going to give up my PBJs (though the bars were totally forgettable; might have to tweak that recipe) but if I did, sprinkle sandwiches might be just the snack to edge them out.


3 thoughts on “Do the Peanut Butter and Jelly

  1. Yes! And because of the Dutch influence here, our stores are filled with chocolate sprinkles, too! Toast with chocolate sprinkles (or colorful sprinkles, as my kids like) is a definite breakfast or snack staple around these parts.

    I’ve had the pink and blue ones, but I think the ones I had (celebrating the birth of a baby boy) had little anise seeds inside them, and with the little stem poking out they look a bit like tiny mice, so when they are served, they are called “mouse toasts” or something like that. Kind of funny, but also tasty!

    Oh, and the royal family thing… we had a huge celebration here one year (initiated by the Dutch expats) for Queens day – quite the cultural experience!

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