Everybody Loves Fries


This goes in the category of “Why don’t we have THESE on this side of the ocean?”

Fry shops. Normally I’d called them French fries, but I was severely reprimanded by my husband for calling them that. (Well, more like lovingly laughed at.)


For some reason Americans identify them as French. Ask the Belgians, they think they invented them. Ask the Dutch, and it’s them. Whoever did it, it was a fine, fine idea. What better way to curb those gnawing hunger pains while doing your shopping? What a better, kid-friendly side for your evening herring? You’ll find these in nearly every shopping district in Holland, and every town has a snack shop where you can buy some for dinner.

Fries in Holland come with mayonnaise. And probably a bunch of other dipping sauces (like curry sauce!) that wouldn’t suit American taste. But everyone can agree on the salty, crunchy starchy goodness of a fry. Now I’m all hungry.


When I mentioned the fries to my friend Deborah, she admitted she’ll sometimes go to McDonald’s just for an order of fries.

I’m proposing a plan, and I’m copyrighting it here: Walk up fry shops on city streets. We’ll begin in New York, open a second location in LA, and take the country by storm from there. We’ll do ketchup and mustard of course, with mayo for any foreigners, but add in some fun stuff like chipotle ketchup and dilly mayo. Sauce recommendations welcome.

I think we’re ready for it on this side of the ocean.



3 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Fries

  1. 1. We have drink stops instead of fry stops here. I’d go for some fries, though.
    2. That’s a LOT of mayo on those fries.
    3. Dipping fries in a Wendy’s frosty is pretty tasty…I recommend.

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