Wherein I Eat Eritrean Food in Denmark

My friend from Eritrea was kind enough to make us a traditional Eritrean meal while we visited her. In case you were curious, because of their shared history, Eritrean and Ethiopian food are very similar. Stay tuned for a post about the Eritrean coffee ceremony, soon.

The basis of all Eritrean food is a large, spongy, sour pancake called “injera”. I had tried injera before and didn’t like it. The stuff I had before was bitterly sour, but the ones my friend made were just right. They had just a touch of sour, the way sourdough bread might. So you take an injera, put the meat, bean paste sauce and vegetables on top, then break off a piece and use the injera to scoop the toppings into your mouth. Those who have visited Africa or Asia know that eating with your hands without creating a huge mess takes practice. I haven’t mastered it yet.

So here we are: injera:

And the healthier side: whole wheat injera and salad.

I won’t tell you whether I chose to go with the regular or the whole wheat.

My fine dinner companions:

Eritrean food packs a  bit of a spicy punch. I tend to make fun of Oklahomans, who can hardly stand any tiny bit of spice. This was just right for me. I was feeling pretty good about myself until my friend told me she toned it down for us.

Then we got down to business. It was a meal so good I forgot to photograph the rest. I was also hindered by the fact that you eat this meal with your hands. Wouldn’t want to douse the camera in sauce!


3 thoughts on “Wherein I Eat Eritrean Food in Denmark

  1. I am very sensitive to sourness — don’t even like sourdough — but the way you describe it this sounds delicious. I wonder if the level of sour (souritude?) depends on the family recipe?

    I am looking forward to reading the coffee ceremony details! Thank you for sharing.

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