Wherein I Economize Words

Golden sunlight on a crystalline winter day in Denmark.


The fleeting sunshine beckons, before it slides behind the horizon by 3:30 p.m.


The frozen sea reminiscent of a cracked desert floor.


Characteristic Scandinavian neatness with a seaside twist.


The white cliffs of Rodvig.


And swans in a winter sea.


The shadows grow long as the village settles in for the length of the January night.



83 thoughts on “Wherein I Economize Words

  1. Your images make winter seem beautiful again! Not at all like the winter here, where everything is a dirty white as the snow has partially melted and been driven over with cars, making awful mud puddles everywhere.

    Your winter pics are so clean and crisp and bright! Thank you for sharing.

  2. nature’s art is so stunning. it always blinds my eyes. though, however hard it may be for me, i could not stop staring. you a pro? 🙂

  3. Such inspiring and beautiful photos! The window photo has this strange lace like quality to it… And the swans look like some Zen pebbles… Thank you for making me smile. Have a nice day!

  4. Beautiful pictures of a so wonderful countryside. I love the pictures of the sea frozen or otherwise, the swans and the general tranquility perspiring throughout the whole post .
    Am subscribing.

  5. Denmark is a very pretty country (which is why I have always wanted to visit) even in winter is what you have communicated through your photographs. You have a good eye for lighting.

  6. Congratulations on being freshly pressed, particularly because it means I’ve found your blog. I love Scandinavia and have spent a lot of time in Sweden, of which your images are very reminiscent. Economy in words is sometimes just what’s needed.

  7. What great pictures. it looks so beautiful there, especially in the winter sun . A good friend of mine moved to Copenhagen last year and i am yet to visit , now i am looking forward to it .

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