Cookie Exchange

I hosted a cookie exchange for my girlfriends in small group. We’ve got a lot of great cooks in the bunch, so I knew we’d have fun. I thought it might just be sitting around and munching on cookies, but we ended up having a really good time. Even without coordination, no one brought any of the same kind of cookie.

I made little cards so each batch of cookies could be labeled. Each guest labeled them as they came in. I had a few salty snacks to cut all the sugar and apple cider warming on the stove. For my cookies I made an almond shortbread with chocolate on top, grasshopper brownies and chocolate peanut butter cake balls.

The table, before we dug in:


At the last minute I decided we would have a small competition where we would each judge the cookies and vote for our favorites. The categories were 1) best flavor, 2) best overall 3) most unique and 4) most decadent. I can’t remember which cookie won what any more, but as Kara said, “This is a good excuse to try every kind.” Amen, friend, amen.


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