Three Months vs. 12 Weeks

Whether you do the math by weeks or months, this little dude is officially three months old. Yeah, he’s actually MORE than three months old at this point.


He’s content most of the time, arms and legs in near-constant motion, especially when he is excited. I love waking him up – any time – because he’s so smiley and happy when he wakes up.

I started back at work last week. Almost everyone asked me if I was having a hard time. So far it’s been ok. At work we’re in a rush of moving buildings and getting new things set up, so everything is new and exciting over here. Plus, it’s Christmas and most people are in a good mood. Call me mid-January and ask again.

Don’t get me wrong: I miss my little guy and would love to hang out with him all the time. But at least when I’m at work I am distracted enough that I’m not sitting there worrying about him all the time.

Our childcare situation is a cobbled together arrangement of working from home two afternoons a week while dad works from home two mornings a week, plus a babysitter who keeps Baby J Tuesdays and Thursdays. Starting next month, we’ll have a college girl come to the house one day a week to watch him. We’ll see how that goes.

So here we are, three months into the great adventure of childhood.


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