Popcorn Sunday

So here’s my latest obsession: microwave popcorn.

Wait, you’ve heard of it? I mean something a little different from you’re thinking.

In our family, popcorn was special. We ate it every Sunday night, usually while watching “America’s Funniest Home Videos” or a movie. My dad would get out one of the big Tupperware bowls and the popper. After popping the corn, he would douse it in melted butter. After the butter, he’d throw on some taco seasoning, or maybe some ranch dressing mix. Then the four of us would pass the bowl back and forth while we munched on the couch.

The first popper I remember my dad using was an air popper. Later they had one that popped the corn in oil. Lately (now that it’s just the two of them), my dad sticks with microwave popcorn.

My dear spouse doesn’t like popcorn. So there’s not much point in making it, and we haven’t kept up the Sunday night tradition. I love popcorn, but I’m tired of the fake butter flavor of the typical Orville Redenbacher microwave bag. So I started making my own!

Here is what you need:


A brown paper bag, peanut oil, popcorn kernels and a measuring cup. That last one is optional, but for my size paper bags, about a half a cup of kernels works.

[Side note: I had to go to Whole Foods to get peanut oil. They do sell it in my town, but only in quantities of several gallons. Yeah, I didn’t need that much, nor did I want to store that much. When I saw the oil display at Whole Foods in the big city, I almost cried. There were about 50 kinds. My store had three.]

To make your popcorn, dump the kernels in the bag, splash on a few tablespoons of oil (about two, max), fold down the top of the bag and toss it in the microwave. You might have to do some experimenting on time (but don’t you always on microwave popcorn, anyway?) Mine takes about two minutes. I tried two and a half, and it burned.

I think the peanut oil is mainly for flavor, but feel free to educate me on why peanut oil is best. I heard several people talk about making popcorn, and they always recommend peanut oil. I heard that movie theaters use coconut oil.

Try it! I’m enjoying it, and I’m sure I’m saving money, too. Maybe I’ll have to re-implement Popcorn Sunday, even if I have to eat it all myself. Actually… that sounds like a good plan.


2 thoughts on “Popcorn Sunday

  1. Welp, Kim…it’s me again. 🙂 I thought my family was the only family that did popcorn on Sunday nights (w/ banana milkshakes, of course!) I was just chatting with Matt and Janell about this, and they too had popcorn Sunday nights….so random. Anyhow, I am trying this little experiment of yours. Sounds like a fantastic idea.

  2. I too have recently started to pop my own popcorn – what a delicious and healthy treat! (…save for the butter, of course). I use the stove-top method… a tablespoon of olive oil (it’s all I have!), pour in the kernels and shake the pot. In about two-minutes I have light fluffy popcorn! I also drizzle with butter and a shake or two of salt! Now start the movie!

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