My First Trip

I got to meet my great-grandma Ruthie:


I was pretty tired that day, though.

My grandpa thought it was funny to dress me up:


He took us to work and introduced us to his staff. I pretty much screamed if anyone but my mom held me. I don’t think I made a good impression. But I did let my friend Lance hold me a little.

We visited my grandma at her classroom, and the kids thought I was neat. They all wanted to touch me:


My mom cleaned my hands with anti-bacterial gel afterward, to avoid those little kid sick germs. I didn’t like that very much. She’s so paranoid. She also broke my grandma’s pull-down map trying to tell the second-graders where my dad is from.

She’s talented like that.

But the best part was getting to hang out with my cousin, Canaan.


He’s a lot more mobile than I am.


Wait! What’s he doing?


He thought I looked good enough to chew on!


His mom got him in trouble for that. I didn’t really notice, though.

And we remain best friends.


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