A Sweet Shower

The girls at work organized a sweet shower on Friday. Everyone came up over their lunch hour. It was fun because it was the first shower FP could attend. Not that many men attend baby showers, but we do both work at the same place. And there were several men who came, you just can’t see them in these particular pictures. Most of these pictures were taken by my friend, David.

Look how cool the cake was! Orange, gray and white to match the nursery and all topped with these cute things:

Then we did the usual: presents.

Everyone on my floor plus a few others got together to get me the one big thing on my registry. I didn’t expect to get that! It was really surprising to open that one.

We were almost finished when the real star of the show came in:


Cute as can be at 2 months old.

He made everyone act like crazy people, especially my boss.


2 thoughts on “A Sweet Shower

    1. I knew it! That’s what I’ve been saying all along… Graham is practically a copy of his dad, right down to his crazy, wavy arms.

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