The Big Reveal

The baby’s room is finally finished! All it’s waiting for is one tiny little baby that sleeps a lot and eats well to move in.

Everyone keeps asking if I’m ready… how can I possibly answer that? I don’t know what to expect. So instead I say, “The room is ready! We’ll figure out the rest when we get there.”

So here it is, finally. Let’s begin with a few before pictures, shall we?

Exhibit A:

The dresser given to me by my mom. I painted it brown and white when I moved into my little singleton apartment in Rancho Cucamonga. Now I was ready to re-purpose it to give the little guy some storage space.

Exhibit B:

A set of white shelves, given to me by my friend Julie, when she left town. The shelves had been faithfully serving as storage in our home office. I liked how it worked as a corner unit, but for the baby’s room, it just wouldn’t fit like that anymore.

Exhibit C:

An orange chair we bought at a thrift store when we first moved to Oklahoma. The husband picked it out. I never would have chosen it, but it was to become the color palette inspiration for the room. Also here, a little desk I bought for $5 in a yard sale. It used to serve as my sewing table.

The transformation came with a lot of painting and sanding:

I did a lot of the work while my husband was away on business trips, whiling away the hours in the heat of summer with sander in hand. And let me just say, I hate sanding with a deep and burning passion, so baby, you better appreciate it! And I still hate sanding, maybe even more than before.

But it was all worth it in the end. I am really happy with the result. We used what we had, and didn’t buy any new furniture except for the crib. I went with a color theme of orange, gray and white.

From the doorway:

Entry wide

The changing table and shelf:
Changing table and shelf

Changing Table

I still need a piece of art or something for the wall above the changing table. And when it becomes homework time, that changing table can go back to its former life as a desk.

The crib:

Along with a super awesome quilt made by my mom. We couldn’t bear to actually use it, so instead it’s going where baby can gaze at it before he falls asleep, plotting his future travels.

Crib 2

I still need one more photo for that bottom frame.

That would be a photo of the occupant of my womb, once he finally appears.

And lastly, some storage on the back of the door. It’s a super small room.
Back of door

So there you have the full room tour. The curtain fabric, the crib and the orange storage boxes are Ikea, the rug is from, the larger framed art is a piece of papyrus from Egypt and the fish mobile is from Costa Rica.

Next ingredient: add baby.


One thought on “The Big Reveal

  1. Love it!!! I’m crazy about orange right now. I love the idea of using orange and grey for a baby boy. You did a great job. And the baby will love all those bright primary and black/white contrasting colors. Can’t wait to see pics of your final “ingredient”!

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