What’s Cooking in My Kitchen: Jerk Chicken with Plantains

Grillmaster 2

Our dear gas grill was inherited from my father, who gave it to us when he moved to Idaho. There is now a hole in the back of the lid, the top grate is pretty much disintegrated and we’ve already replaced the bottom grate.

They say indirect grilling is good for some things, low heat good for others. Yeah. Our grill, it’s got only two settings: off, or medium high. It’s not fancy, but it works. (My dad, by the way, upgraded to some sleek stainless steel deal with a burner on the side.)

For this recipe, I had to call in the Grill Master. (After a super fun accident when I gave myself third degree burns when I was 12, I’m not a big fan of lighting fires. Especially when the igniting gas makes that “whooshing” sound. Hence, the husband was forced to become the Grill Master, like it or not. He does a great job.)

the Grillmaster

Both of us spent quite a few months in the Caribbean, and at least a month in Jamaica at that, so we know our jerk chicken. In fact, that’s what we served at our wedding. And a lifetime in Ecuador for me, plus a few months for the husband in Costa Rica gave us a taste for plantain. I didn’t think I’d be able to find plantains here, but I did! And they were perfectly ripe, so I didn’t even have to wait to use them.

This was really good! The Grill Master cooked the chicken to perfection, and the plantains had a delicious grilled smokey sweetness to them. I might have to make this one again.

Jerk Chicken with Plantains


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