I made these fun curtains for the boy’s room.

Since I live in a land full of traditionalists who probably all decorate their baby rooms in pastel blue with frilly white curtains, the fabric hunt was difficult. I finally found some fabric that I could base my theme around at Ikea. Oh, and did I mention that because I live in the boonies, the nearest Ikea is 5 hours away?

My awesome brother-in-law picked up 6 yards of fabric for me at Ikea in Chicago on his lunch hour, and my equally awesome sister mailed it to me.

I’m still bitter about being Ikea-deprived.

The first step: spread out the fabric in the biggest empty space I had, which turned out to be the still-then-empty baby’s room.

Our window is something like 60 inches wide. The fabric was about 60 inches wide, but since I wanted the curtains to be really full-looking, and I had 6 yards of fabric, I had enough to make two full-length panels.

Measure the height of the curtains on the wall, measure the fabric, measure again, and add a few inches for seams. Cross your fingers and cut.

I was going for simple and easy on this project, so instead of sewing the panels, I used no-sew tape, an idea I got from That’s what Sherry used in her baby’s room. It made for smooth seams. and I wasn’t cursing my sewing machine the whole time the way I had been while making the changing pad covers.

The towels are there so I don’t melt the carpet underneath while ironing. I may have learned that little by an earlier experience.

I ironed down the seams, then ran 10 inch sections of the no-sew tape underneath and ironed them shut. Repeat, repeat, repeat. As I finished one panel, I ironed the wrinkles from the whole curtain.

Then I attached clip-on curtain rings. I recently used them in my living room, and I really like how they glide on the curtain rod and how they look.

Finally, slide the curtains on the pole, arrange and rejoice!

Curtains for our boy

I love how the curtains turned out! They bring a modern look to the whole room.

And I’m sure there aren’t many other orange/gray/white nurseries, especially in Oklahoma.

And stay tuned for the big nursery reveal, now that it’s all finished!


2 thoughts on “Curtains

  1. When we worked at the boy’s ranch, the boys had a need for their pants to be crisp. Sooo one morning, or the night before school, one of the boys decided to iron his jeans in his room.

    With his bottle of starch and iron in hand he began the tedious task of the crisp, cardboard like feel to his jeans with the ever important iron crease.

    Little did he know, you don’t iron on cheap carpet.

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