A Milestone and a New Adventure

As I logged in this evening, I saw that I have posted 99 posts. So this post will be number 100. Congratulations to the nomad inside.

I also saw that I’ve averaged a post about every 2 weeks for the past month and a half. I have all the usual excuses, busy, doing other things, not having a camera at the moment, not wanting to be on the computer after I spent all day in front of one etc., but the biggest reason has to do with the huge life change we are expecting in about 5 weeks:


That’s right; we’ll be adding a new member to the family. I foresee lots of missed sleep and grumpy moments, but also incredible highs of joy as we enter this next chapter of our marriage and of our lives.

The hardest thing will be getting this nomad to settle down for a few months to stay home and take care of the little guy. We’ve satiated our hot feet syndrome with a quick trip to Idaho in July and a long weekend in Dallas about a week ago, and that might have to do for a while.

But don’t worry, we can’t stay put for too long. A trip to the Netherlands is already planned in December for the little guy to meet his grandpa and extended family. And there might be a quick trip to Turkey in there (for which my mother thinks I’m insane, and she might be right.)

So instead of travel and outings with friends, this space might be filled with a few more baby photos and family updates. But I won’t be able to let the nomad inside completely die; after all, my kid is going to have a passport before he can even roll over.


4 thoughts on “A Milestone and a New Adventure

  1. Carter already has his and it was very funny getting the picture taken. My hands are in the picture holding his head up. So excited it is a little boys…at least I am assuming since you wrote “guy.” Boys are SO much fun!!

  2. I’m going to ask here, and then when i see you, but who took the picture and where. If you used a timer. Call me and I will get behind the camera for you.

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