The End of the LOST Era

It’s the fault of this man that we started watching LOST. I blame it all on him.

Last year, several of our friends spent Tuesday nights watching LOST, commiserating on strange plot twists and dissecting each move by the characters. It even went so far that there was a tornado moving through town on the night of the season finale, and they were all at the same house trying to watch. The show got pushed aside in favor of minute by minute weather updates from the local TV stations. The evening ended with some of the group huddled in the bathroom, most of the guys outside watching the storm, and the rest wandering around the living room, wondering if they should be concerned.

We’re not big TV people, and we had never gotten in to LOST, so we skipped out on the Tuesday night events.

Last summer, Adam was looking for something fun for us to do together, and he hit on the idea of watching LOST from the very beginning. Adam was convincing; he was persuasive. Plus, we like the guy. So, starting with Season 1 on DVD, we dove in.

That meant throughout the summer and fall many evenings were spent at the Miller’s, the Follis’ and our house, watching 2 or three episodes in an evening, usually with good snacks as a reinforcer. By the end of about the first four episodes, we were hooked, and there was no turning back.

All of that led to early December, when by Netflix, Blockbuster and borrowed DVD we finished Season 5. We were all hyped for February, when the final season would begin, and reveal all the mysteries of the island.

Every Tuesday evening we showed up with anticipation at one house (good snacks on hand, of course). DVRs were put to good use as we paused, debated, theorized and fast-forwarded through commercials. Every Tuesday night we stayed up too late. Every Wednesday morning we arrived bleary-eyed at work and the emails flew back and forth discussing various theories.

All those months culminated in the final event: the finale. And a grand finale it was, with the esteemed Mike and Kara going completely all out in celebration. The decorations were detailed.

The food was incredible, anchored by the amazing “John Locke Pork.” We also had drinks by the Dharma Initiative, Hurley’s Holy Guacamole, Australian Crash Potatoes, Sawyer’s Angel Hair Pasta Salad, Sayid’s Strawberry Salad, Well-Preserved Richard’s Potato Salad, Rocky Landing Pecan Bourbon Cake and Claire’s Pineapple Upside-down Cake.

Everyone came dressed in character, some getting more into it than others. I guess you can tell who was REALLY into it:

That would be Mr. Adam, as Charlie, and his lovely wife, as Claire. I failed to get close-ups of most everyone else, since I was too busy marveling at Mike’s Dharma decorations all over his whole house. So you’ll have to make do with this group shot, featuring (l to r): Rousseau, Charlie, Jacob, Locke, Charlotte, Claire, Kate and Sawyer.

And now I’m going to end this post with an ending as unsatisfying as the finale itself.


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