Getting From Here to There, Cairo-style

I saw this photo earlier today from one of my friends, and I thought, “THIS is Cairo.” Before when I thought of Egypt, I thought of pyramids and long rivers. NOW when I think of Egypt, I think of traffic and exhaust fumes. I’ve been to quite a few places in the world, and hey, I used to live in L.A., but hands down, traffic in Cairo is the worst I’ve ever seen. Each night the air will fill with a thick mantle of exhaust fumes that would seep into my lungs on our ride to dinner.

The amount of time you have to spend in a car just to get somewhere is just ridiculous. A simple trip around the block can take half an hour. It’s a grand conglomeration of crazy drivers, too many cars on the road and poor road planning. Turning to go the opposite direction on one of the major avenues requires backtracking to a strategic spot for a U-turn and waiting for a break in traffic before muscling your way in. So, potential visitors, I warn you: be prepared to sit for a while.


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