Crocodiles in the Nile

Oh she sailed away, on a sunny summer day, on the back of a crocodile. “You see,” said she, “He’s as tame as he can be, I’ll ride him down the Nile…”

Ten points to the first person who can name that song. (I’m looking at YOU, Kelley.)

So here’s your Nile river:

Uninteresting except for the fact that, 1) it’s the Nile, and if you are a dork, 2) that’s papyrus! Paper growing in the water! Rad!

Oh look:

Cheesy Egyptians acting out the Moses in the Reeds story.

Let’s stop for some coffee, to wake up the jet-lagged among us.

And how about some more Egyptian cheesiness:

Try the dinner cruise, because that could be awkward:

Spinning man in a skirt?

Let’s get away from all that weirdness and check out Cairo by night. Oh, but not until after you accidentally take the belly dancer’s stall in the bathroom and have a really awkward conversation apologizing about it afterward.

Escape to the roof!

Watch as the sun goes down, spreading rays over the monotone apartment buildings lining the river bank.

And then watch as the city lights up, rivaling any Las Vegas strip.


4 thoughts on “Crocodiles in the Nile

  1. Once again, great photos. I am currently writing about ancient Egypt…always looking for more insight, and research material. Oh, by the way… the song is called, ( The Lady and the Crocodile) lol, I also have one loaded on my play-list @ Giza Geeks, called, ( The Irish Were Egyptian Long Ago)…go figure
    Thanks for an awesome blog.

    1. So is that the real name of the song? My sister had to learn that song in elementary school for some reason or another, and I’ve always wondered if it was a real song or just something the teacher made up. What’s your research for? I’ve been looking into the not-so-ancient religious history of Egypt for the past couple of days. I got curious after seeing the Muslim/Christian contrast.

  2. No idea the name though I’ve been singing it in my head for a full day now:
    “At the end of the ride the lady was inside and the smile was on the crocodile”

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