Does This Mean I’m a Foodie?

While visiting my parents in Idaho this Christmas, I remember twittering and asking advice on things to do in the Boise area. One person wrote back and said, “Based on your blog, you would enjoy [a local French cafe.]” I never really intended to promote that side of myself, but I guess I can’t hide what I love.

At Christmas my mom, sister and I always have fun planning and preparing meals that all six of us will enjoy. And since my sister’s birthday comes just a few days after Christmas, Nate and I get the joy of making something delectable as her birthday dessert. This year it was the rich, luscious cake version of these babies: Chocolate Peanut Butter Sour Cream Cupcakes. Ok, now my mouth is watering. Somewhere I’ve got a picture of the actual cake I’ll have to dig out…

One of the fun things about making beautifully delicious things to eat is taking a picture that captures all that goodness in visual form. My sister is great at this on her blog, and I have to admit drooling almost daily over And, one of my favorite things about traveling, is tasting new foods and capturing beautiful arrangements on camera.

Let’s check out this delectable breakfast from Miss Holly’s in Punta Uva, Costa Rica:

Can we get a little closer to that amazing mora shake and latte?

That’s better.

Emily’s watermelon juice looks pretty good, too:

But what came with that?

Ahhh, “gallo pinto,” national dish of Costa Rica, otherwise known to us gringos as “rice and beans.”

Let’s top that off with some fragrant Costa Rican cafe.

And here’s my other batido (shake) from the week:

Mora again, perfectly garnished with a slice of starfruit. I had to go with mora, since I can’t get that beloved berry here, and it’s a taste from my childhood, when my mom would make us drink dark glasses of mora juice with breakfast. It always left a little devilish mustache on the corners of her mouth.

I didn’t document it, because the lights were so low and the food was too good to wait even a second to dig in to, was a little place called “Jungle Love” in Punta Uva. It was so good we went there twice. And since I’m committedly of the “variety is the spice of life” personality, you know it had to be good for me to go two nights in a row. All their food is organic, fresh, and prepared when you order it.

The best offering from Jungle Love was their homemade dressing: equal parts sour cream, mayonnaise and cucumber, jazzed up with dill, garlic and lemon juice. Delish. I’m gonna have to make some soon. Hmm, maybe tonight with our salad that will accompany our traditional Friday night pizza. Ok, salivating again.

So when you go on vacation, and take half your photos of food, does this mean I’m a foodie?


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