The City

So this is Amman.

I think we picked the perfect time of year to visit: spring. Everything was amazingly (and unexpectedly) green. The weather was perfect, warm during the day and fairly chilly at night. I even bought a sweater.

These photos are taken in the old city. Though very modern, Jordan is still an Islamic country.

Not everyone prayed at the prayer times, but some did. Some women were covered, and some weren’t. I don’t know if that’s a sign of how progressive their version of Islam is or what. Maybe they aren’t practicing.

The city is really picturesque, with the white stone covering all surfaces. I read on the Jordan Ministry of Tourism  website that stone is a municipal building code requirement. Smart move, city planners.

The taxi driver told us the flag is where the palace of the king and queen are. Sadly, I didn’t catch sight of them while there. You can see that the older parts of the city are a slightly different color than the rest of the buildings.

We visited some ruins in the center of the old city called the Citadel. They were interesting in that they were old Roman ruins from the Roman empire, but the best part was the view the area afforded of the city around. It was a beautiful day, too, of course.

In the museum, they claimed to have part of the dead sea scroll. 1967? Was that when they discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls? I thought it was earlier than that. Maybe these are OTHER Dead Sea Scrolls. [According to The Great Source, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered between 1947 and 1956.]

Wait, I forgot. I didn’t get a shot of the Dead Sea Scrolls because of some annoying tourists who were standing in my way. I took this shot because it references the story of Balaam, the guy in the Bible who spoke with a donkey. Apparently, this scroll shows he was a real person in history.

Thus ends your tour of the old city in Amman, Jordan.

And yes, people seriously do wear these around, not just in stereotypical pictures.


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