Storm Watch 2010

We’re on storm watch here in northeastern Oklahoma. Schools closed early and my office let us out at 3 p.m. The storm was expected to hit around noon with freezing rain and power outages, but so far, not a drop from the sky. This is what it looks like outside, at 4 p.m.

Some friends around the block told me to come over if the electricity and heat went out. They have a fireplace. I think that’s a great plan, (smores!) and if my driveway is too icy to back out, I’ll just walk. During the last blizzard we got so stir crazy after 2 days I walked the half mile to Hobby Lobby in a foot of snow.

I’ll keep you posted as to whether I survive.


2 thoughts on “Storm Watch 2010

    1. It’s Dirk and Cassie. They live behind the elementary school. Next storm that knocks out your power, let’s caravan over to their fireplace!

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