A Heart of Thankgiving

I totally meant to do this a long time ago, but I got busy and distracted as usual. I think distraction is the main reason why I get so little accomplished. I start something, get distracted doing something else, and never accomplish item number one. So, for the purposes of just banging something out, I’m blatantly stealing my sister’s post. You can see the whole thing at her blog, if you wish: kelleyann.wordpress.com.

In Kelley’s words:

From now until Christmas is all about tradition. Even though it’s always a packed season, I love that this time of year brings people together in ways that we don’t always prioritize the rest of the year.

We hosted Thanksgiving Day at our house.  It’s always been a big blessing that all of Nate’s siblings live in the area.  We don’t get together as often as we might like, but it means that family is near when the big stuff comes.  And as my sister and her husband [that’s me!- ed.] have done in the past, they were gracious enough to drive 11 hours from Oklahoma to spend the long weekend with us as well.

(Kimber [that’s me!- ed.] and Nate handled the turkey beautifully, while I stayed mostly on the raw poultry sidelines.  Nate has become quite the proficient carver, from our first Thanksgiving when I remember cleaning shredded turkey meat off the walls and cabinet for a week.)

Kim and FP were able to get here earlier this year than in the past.  Usually they roll in at about 3 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning.  It was really nice to have them show up at 7 pm the night before and have a little time together before an exhausting day of cooking, hosting, and cleaning.  It was still an exhausting day for me and I appreciated Kim’s help a lot.  It’s nice that she’s my sister and I can depend on her to just take charge of something when I need it.

We spend Friday doing what every crazy American does: shopping.  However, we decided to forgo the early bird rush.  Instead we woke up at our leisure and didn’t actually get out to the mall til 12pm.  Still, we had some definite shopping success for Christmas gifts, house items for Kim, and maternity clothes for me.  Seven hours later, we headed back to the city and I rewarded all of my standing and walking with dinner in front of a movie.

Saturday we spent the morning at Trader Joe’s and a gourmet grocery store.  (Yes, this is considered a fun event in our family.)  We then came home and made a big brunch before heading downtown for more sightseeing and walking.  We planned to do the Sears Tower Sky Ledge, but skipped it after finding out it was a two-hour line.  We headed to the Christkringle market, a German Christmas market packed with kitschy items no one should buy and way too many people.  After that it was, yes, more shopping on State Street followed by an early dinner in the West Loop at an Indian Restaurant.  FP loves naan so he was happy.  Nate and I both confirmed that we really don’t like Indian food, but I was glad we gave it one more try!  Dinner led to a walk up to north Michigan Avenue for beignets and cheesecake for dessert overlooking the Mag Mile.

In total, we walked about 5 miles on Saturday and I determined that is the last time I’ll do that for the next 4.5 months.  Nobody told me that pregnancy makes you feel like you have the body of a 100-year-old.  If you push too hard, you can’t just sleep it off.  The next day you just wake up 100 or like a brand new cowboy on his first cross-country ride.  I’m realizing that I’m going to have to slow down now, yet I’m not sure how I can do it without letting things drop.  Oh and let me note for now and any other time I decide to be pregnant that I should never, ever plan a trip to a foreign country during that time.  This weekend, I spent more time than I care to count waiting in bathroom lines.  I can’t imagine how much worse it would be in a location that has far less commodities readily available.

Despite feeling like a Grandma, it was a great weekend and I so appreciate Kim and FP making the effort to come and see us semi-regularly.  Because we have lived so far apart since Kim’s marriage, we have never had an extended period to get to know FP well.  Our trip to Panama was the most time we’d ever spent with him.  I liked realizing this Thanksgiving our time in Panama and their effort to come our way and spend time when we can is paying off and now he just feels like “one of us.”

[And this is MY voice again:]

I love my sister. She is just so darn awesome. And she’s a great speller! I wish we lived closer. Once upon a time we came up with a plan where we would live in a duplex, and she would do all the cooking, and I would do all the cleaning. I might not go for that plan now, but it would be nice to hang out with her and Nate more often!


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