Into Autumn

Two weeks ago we headed down to Talimena Drive, in southeastern Oklahoma. I’d been wanting to do it since last year, but it takes some planning to hit the leaves right when it’s a 4 hour drive. We hit it just at the right time.

But we made a weekend out of it. We drove down on Friday, stayed in a little cabin over night and did the drive the next day. The road curves along the top of these hills and overlooks valleys (plains?) on either side.

We couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous day. The sun was out, and there was an aroma of baking fall leaves.

There are many places to pull off the road to take in the view. There are also several places to camp and hike in the area.

As you might imagine, it’s popular with motorcyclists. I’m glad we didn’t go on the Harley, though. That’s too long of a drive for my poor rear end. Plus I like my snacks in the cooler in the back seat!

I guess it was ladybug season. Every time we got out of the car we got covered in them. There were also lots of gross stick bugs.

We did a little climbing on the rocks along the way.

And there was time for contemplation. It was a really fun, relaxing day. I really like hanging out with this guy.

Sometimes we don’t get to spend as much time together as we like, since he is traveling.

And I like fall, too. Except for the part where it gets cold.

We came home relaxed and happy.


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