Lightning Trip to CA (I miss you)

A few weekends ago, we did something totally crazy. Our good friends Adam and Emily were attending a wedding in Southern California. They invited us to go with them and make a fun weekend out of it. So we found a cheap plane ticket (Frontier is flying out of Tulsa again and was offering deals to lure people to their airline), found a hotel right on the Venice boardwalk, packed our bags and took off. So we spent 2 days in airports and had two days there. Remember when I said it was crazy?

It was crazy but worth it. I’ve been to Venice many times when I lived in California, but somehow I missed the Venice Canals. I tried somewhat unsuccessfully to get a picture of the four of us on the bridge… I guess I need to run faster next time.

I knew if we were going I wanted to stay right on the beach. Hotel Erwin was awesome. The room had a fun modern red and yellow scheme with a funky chandelier and a full size yellow table by the kitchenette.   A hotel voucher from Expedia helped subsidize the cost, plus the four of us shared a room. (Suite, really!) They slept on the pull-out couch, and we were in the bedroom.

Friday morning we walked from our hotel to the Venice Farmers market for breakfast.

I was super jealous I couldn’t take all that fresh produce home with me. I simultaneously cursed the Oklahoma weather and the fact that I left California behind 2 and a half years ago.

The morning light made the colors of the flowers, fruits and veggies pop.

Having coffee in the center of the parking lot where the market was set up was bliss. It was a gentle 70 degrees, the sun was shining, I had a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant, I was surrounded by fresh food and some of my favorite people. Perfection.

Have you heard of Flat Stanley? Apparently it’s a children’s book about a guy who travels. School kids around the US make flat images of themselves and send them to friends and relatives to have them take pictures of themselves “traveling.” Some of our friends here sent their little cousin’s flat self with us. Meet Flat Emily. She came with us to Venice to check out the surfers.

Meet real Emily. We also checked out the surfers and Venice Beach. If I had a lot of money I didn’t know what to do with, I might buy one of those houses behind us. I love the beach.

We rented bikes and rode down to Santa Monica. The boys did the roller coaster on the pier.

Emily took this neat panorama photo from the end of the Santa Monica Pier. (Click on the photo to view it larger.) Something about the ocean makes me feel calm. I guess that’s what living on a ship for two years does to you!

I like this guy a lot. I found him on the ship and brought him home with me. I think I’ll keep him.

This one is going in my living room with my other black and white framed photos on the photo wall:

Dear California, I miss you so much. But I also can’t afford to live in you. And I like my job in OK. Stay beautiful, though, k? And get those places offering medicinal marijuana off the boardwalk, ok?

Love, me


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