Thimbler: You Should Go There!

So the other day I followed a random link from somewhere and ended up at, a site that promises high fashion and custom-made clothes. Near the top, I saw an offer to fill out a survey to enter a drawing for custom-made jeans. My friend Emily and I were just talking about how we never win contests on blogs. I filled out the survey and forgot about it.

A few weeks later, surprise! I got an email saying I won jeans. I didn’t totally trust it, but I took my measurements, plugged them into Thimbler’s helpful guide which includes choices of bottom-type and stomach-shape, and clicked “Make my custom jeans.” Amazingly enough, a pair of jeans arrived about two weeks later. At this very moment, those jeans are covering my bottom half.

Look! There’s my name! These must be my jeans!

What I like:

These jeans are what they said they were: they are a perfect match for my body.

I love the hems and the pockets I picked. They are a little wide, with perfect crease marks. They make the jeans look really finished.

I also love the dark wash and how there are no trendy white streaks or marks. You can choose a distressed option, but I think jeans look much better without it. I like the 4% spandex that makes the fabric move just enough to be comfy, but not enough to be glued to my posterior.

I chose boot-cut jeans. They are slim on my thighs and work well with a longer top, even though they aren’t skinny jeans.

And of course, being a shorty, I like that they are the perfect length for flats–no hemming needed and no dragging my hems on the ground.

Things I would do differently:

I like the way a low-rise jean feels, but I didn’t want these to be jeans that showed half my rear end when I bent over. So I think I asked for regular rise. I have kind of a short waist anyway, so these go all the way up above my belly button. They cover my stomach, but in terms of comfort, I wish I had chosen a lower rise.

Also, I was afraid they would be tight, so I rounded my measurements up in the waist area. (So if it was 32. 3 inches, I wrote 33 inches.) I wish I had gone the other way, because with the slight stretch of the fabric (and surely my faulty measurements), there is some extra space in that area. Let’s just say these will be belt jeans.


Would I spend $87 on custom-made jeans again? Hard to say. I’m definitely tempted to order a pair almost the same as these and make a few adjustments. But, I’m also cheap, and the most I’ve ever spent on jeans before is about $40. So I’ll have to wrestle with myself over time to see if $87 is really worth a perfect fit.

But you can’t lose: if this is something you are looking for, Thimbler did an excellent job. They were well made and came quickly (not counting our silly  post office’s problems.)

So, You should check it out.


5 thoughts on “Thimbler: You Should Go There!

  1. Two comments:

    I was talking to mom/dad the other day and dad had seen your FB post about custom jeans. He was like “How much did those cost?” And I didn’t know you had won them. So he would be impressed to know they were free:)

    Second, remember how BAD you are at self-measuring?:) Don’t you remember how your bridesmaid dress for my wedding came and it was like a giant tent with room for 8 chicken cutlets and two extra bum rounders? Mom had to tailor away that whole thing and I think you were left with about half the fabric in the end … and a train:)

    1. C’mon, dad! I wouldn’t spend kagilliondy dollars on jeans!

      And also, my train was awesome! But bridesmaids dresses are from the devil.

  2. I concur with Kelley. Your bridesmaid dress for my wedding was a circus tent, too. Anyway, those are some cute jeans, even if they do have a mom-jeans-worthy high waist. 😉 BTW, did they pay you to write that review? If not, they should.

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