No Place Like Home

FP and I had no plans for Labor Day weekend, so we decided to make an adventure out of the extra day off. I’m sure our neighbors think we are nuts, because if we aren’t traveling for work, then we are traveling to see friends or family, and if we aren’t doing that then we just travel!

Because we are awesome planners, and also had a really busy week beforehand, and also because we didn’t have the meticulous planning team of Nate and Kelley with us, we did very little preparation. FP booked the cheapest hotel he could find in Kansas City on Friday morning. Friday night we had friends over for dinner (grilled eggplant and olive pizza! Recommended.) until late. As we fell into bed, we planned to leave at 9 a.m. the next day. We got up, washed the dinner dishes from the night before (no dishwasher in this house) and threw our stuff in the car.

All that to say, little planning, but I always have fun hanging out with that guy I married. He drove the 3 and a half hours to Overland Park (otherwise known as nearly civilization for this Oklahoma transplant). We shopped, hung around downtown, and used my iPhone mapping application to its fullest. We even stopped at the Irish festival on Sunday afternoon to check out the green fountain. We slept in, ate breakfast in our room and had dinners out a places B’ville can only imagine. (In other words, a restaurant that doesn’t serve something fried or dipped in barbecue sauce.)

And also, because we are awesome, we took no pictures.

So that was our weekend. By Monday morning, though, I was ready to come home. Traveling is great, but there is nothing better than coming back to my own little corner of the world.

Like Dorothy said, “There is no place like home.”

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