Baked Falafels

This week’s LOST viewing turned into a falafel party. Emily found a recipe for baked falafels, so we decided to go for it.

My old food processor helped move things along.

Adam is not what you would call an adventurous eater, but he was willing to try it.

Six is a tight squeeze at our IKEA-special table.

See, that’s not so bad.

At least we liked it.

Baking as a opposed to frying the falafel balls turned out well! Time with friends is always time well-spent.


5 thoughts on “Baked Falafels

    1. They have, but at first they wanted to hook us in. Now they’re watching it and seeing new things they didn’t know the first time around.

  1. i look like such a weirdo in that last picture. you should have just cropped to the falafel. but, i’ll forget how i look and just focus on the fact that i’m craving those tasty little num-nums right now!D

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