Unwanted Guest

Don’t you hate guests who drop in, make a big mess and eat everything in the cupboard? We had one of those last night. Or this morning. I’m not sure exactly when he showed up, actually.

The first clue was the dusting of sawdust over my freshly washed dished in the drainer. The second clue was the tiny black droppings dotting the inside of my cupboard. And the last clue was the big bite marks out of nearly every box of pasta, bag of popcorn and package of chocolate! Instead of taking bites out of everything in the there, why couldn’t he just limit himself to eating all of one or two things?


That’s right, my visitor was a mouse. In my pantry. Probably having put his disgusting little mouse paws all over my counter, my walls and my clean dishes. We emptied the shelves to find him cowering behind a box of whole-grain rotini. He flaunted a stolen tortellini.

Discovered, he launched his fuzzy body from the middle shelf back onto my counter, ran over my Kitchen Aid mixer behind the bowl and flung himself into the nearest burner on the stove.

The problem is, we torn the stove apart, but we couldn’t find him. So that little guy is still there, probably munching his way through the innards of my oven. What a nice present to find just after we got home from vacation.

I’m gonna get you, little guy.


It took a week and 2 different kinds of mouse traps, but my little friend is dead.


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