T Minus 4 Days


There are just four days left until we leave for Panama! This weekend we started setting out piles of clothes and things not to forget in the guest room. My friend Emily brought over her backpack for me. We found out we can only take a 30 pound bag on the local airlines, so I’m weighing everything and editing down what I wanted to take.


We are meeting my sister and brother-in-law in Panama City. We’ll spend the night there before flying the next morning to the city of David and then take a bus to the town of Boquete. It’s in the jungle area of Panama. There we’ll go whitewater rafting, zip-lining in the trees and take a tour of a coffee plantation. A friend from the ship lives in Boquete and works for a coffee buyer, so he’ll take us through the place where he works. Nate and I are excited about the tasting.

After a couple of days there, we’ll take a bus to the coast (Caribbean side) to the town of Bocas, where we rented an apartment. From there, it’s snorkleing, swimming, catching up on sun and reading. I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “T Minus 4 Days

  1. We’ve got a pile going in our 2nd bedroom too. And Nate’s backpack arrived yesterday so we are ready to go!

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