Birthday/Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Progressive Dinner


This summer we’ve been hanging out with a really fun group of of people. When we learned that between 3 couples we had 2 anniversaries and 3 birthdays, we decided we better plan something big to celebrate.


We thought we would do a murder mystery dinner, but in the end decided against it. Instead we planned a progressive dinner, combined with a scavenger hunt, a picnic and bowling. Nothing like cramming everything into one fun day.


We started in the park, where we had appetizers of fruit, fruit dip, and lemon mint granitas. I was going to make the frozen lemon cups to go with it, but the lemons I bought ended up being equivalent to lemon shot glasses, so I didn’t.


After the picnic came the picture scavenger hunt. I sort of think this isn’t the sort of thing 30-somethings usually do on their own, but it was really fun. Adam gave everyone a list of tasks (for example, the photo above shows the girls’ team acting out a scene from a Disney movie.) Each task had a different point value.


Our mission was to take as many photos as we could in the allotted time. We had 45 minutes and about 11 different photo ops around town. The only one we didn’t make was the one where we had to drive to the edge of town and take a photo with the town sign.


It was really fun, rushing between spots and laughing the car. But I’m not posting the awkward jumping photos we took in front of 3 of the Chinese restaurants in town.


The finish line was 6:55 at the town bowling alley, so we had to rush to get this photo that had to be taken at 6:41 p.m. in front of the Arvest Bank sign.


We rolled into the bowling alley about 6:54, way ahead of the guys, who showed up at 6:59. I’m just saying, according to the agreed upon rules… arriving late should count as disqualification.


We ordered pizza, delivered to the bowling alley. Isn’t that awesome? Who knew you could have Papa John’s brought to the bowling alley? All the other bowlers were jealous.


The guys took bowling extremely seriously. I think Adam kicked all of our butts, in both games. But of course the best part of the evening was sitting at the tables and chatting between throws (bowls?)

After bowling, we headed over to our house for dessert. We also downloaded all the photos to the mac and connected it to our TV so we could compare and score. I think the teams tied. At that point it didn’t matter though, since we were tired and hot. I even stopped taking pictures. I didn’t even take a picture of the almond brown butter cake before we ate it.

We did watch a certain video over and over, taken when a certain someone had an awesome wipe out while bowling. We were dying laughing at that one. Good thing my parents didn’t name me Grace. If you are lucky, I’ll post here later.

It was definitely a night to remember. I’m so thankful for the friends we have here, new and old. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to all!


One thought on “Birthday/Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Progressive Dinner

  1. Wow! Sounds like an awesome day. But I want to see the wipe-out video and the pictures in front of the Chinese restaurant. Come on, I know you. NOTHING embarrasses you (as you proved to me so many times in college).

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